10 hrs Intensive Course

10 hrs Intensive Course


Refresher Course

Our 10 hour driving course is the go-to choice for experience learners looking to pass fast. We'll help you tackle those niggling issues and get your licence within weeks of booking in.

Driven confidently with family or friends? Recently been for a test? If you failed with only 1 or 2 serious faults this may be the course for you. The focus will be to work in 1 or 2 areas of weakness and build your confidence in the new car.

Manual Car

Includes Practical Test

Experience level:

You’re a confident driver who needs a quick refresh

Usually takes:

2-4 Days

Together with your instructor, you'll identify and work on the weak spots that have been holding you back, enabling you to take on the practical with confidence. Get Set Drive School of Motoring will schedule in your test to take place just as your lessons come to an end, ensuring that the knowledge you've gained is fresh in your mind. What's more, we'll also beat the usual driving test waiting times by weeks or even months!

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