Short Notice Test Cover

Short Notice Test Cover


Our Short Notice Test cover includes:

  • 2 hours mock test- You will take a 2 hour mock test with your instructor a few days before your test date. In this mock test, your instructor will determine whether or not you are ready to go ahead with your driving test. ( Please note: If after the mock test your instructor decides that you are not ready for your driving test, you will be charged £90 for the 2 hours and you will be advised on how many more hours you need to prepare you for the test). If you pass the mock test, you will be charged the full amount at the end of the mock test, to secure your test date.
  • 1 hour lesson- If you pass the mock test, then you will take a 1 hour lesson with your instructor just before your driving test on the day.
  • Please note: this does not cover any driving test fees/costs

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